First of August


Anghiari from below, (c) Kim Mingo Ventura

Primo di agosto. First of August. This is the day I moved to Italy for the second time in my life. Leaving Brooklyn behind, we moved into the house in Anghiari, Tuscany that we bought a few years ago – so I am relocating to a place that comes complete with the comforts of the familiar: a home, relatives, friends and a fairly stable grasp of the italian language. Yet much has changed for me since the last time I lived in Italy – for one, I am now the wife and mother of Italians.

Primo di agosto. Primo of August. This is my son, Primo, born in August three years ago. As I plucked him from his playground in Brooklyn and carried him off to a foreign country, it occurred to me that for good and for bad kids are sculpted largely by the choices we, as parents, make for them. There is little democracy in the governing of toddlers. While the effect this experience will have on him is yet to be seen, for me one thing is clear: returning to Italy as the mother of an italian boy, it is impossible for me not to look at this country through new eyes.

Books and blogs are overflowing with accounts by expats who have moved abroad, detailing the splendor of the italian countryside or the foibles of italian bureaucracy and politics. It’s impossible to write about Italy without a mention of these. Nonetheless, I’m not out to chronicle either. So what’s the point? Admittedly, I lack good correspondence skills and this blog simply serves as a way to keep friends, family, and other interested parties updated on the fumbles and discoveries of a Brooklyn transplant in Italy.

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5 Responses to First of August

  1. Kim,

    I love this blog! I’m sad that you’re no longer in Brooklyn, but, wow, what a great place to live! Can’t wait to hear about it.


  2. sfershee says:

    Bellissimo! So pleased we’ll get a regular glimpse into Tuscan life.

  3. Kim, I LOVE that you’re writing this, that way I can keep up with you. Sounds like a potent transition. Massive storm in Bklyn last night that took down tons of old trees (so sad) and smashed up a bunch of cars… (I guess also sad?) Anyway, Fall is here and thinking of you. Hope to see you over there one of these days. xox Erika

  4. catherine says:

    What?? You’re not talking about the splendor of Tuscany?!?!? You have to at least promise a local update on Amanda Knox.

  5. Liz Rubin says:

    “Little Kim” …so now you’re from Brooklyn, not New Jersey?

    That’s alright. What fun it is to read your blog, not to mention seeing pictures of Primo that his G’ma sent to me. Your street looks a bit like the one we lived on in St. Benoit du Sault a thousand years ago in the early fifties when I was but a teenager. I’m envious. Keep writing – you’re gifted.

    I’m now living in Marina del Rey near Kathy and Justin. It’s great to be able to see them, not to mention having sleepovers with Justin’s kids. Life is good.
    Ciao, Liz xxxooo

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