Today’s Challenge: Take an 18 wheeler and attempt to sqeeze it into a mediaeval town with streets barely wide enough to fit a unicycle.

I received the phone call around noon. Our boxes from New York had arrived by truck. Almost. The 18 wheeler, arriving directly from a port in the UK, was unable to make it up the steep streets to Anghiari.

“Mam, I am parked down here in the valley. It’s a big white truck. You can’t miss me.”

Like the captain of a ship, I surveyed the vast expanse of the Tiber Valley. There it rested – the great white whale of a truck – with all of my belongings in its belly.

A network of friends and neighbors convened to assist or to just watch the spectacle. With no clear answer as to how the situation was to be resolved, I hopped in a friend’s car and we went down to see what could be done about the beached whale. We squeezed the confused British trucker into the little Mini and navigated the route together to show him what to expect of the roads to come. (Clearly easier to manage in a Mini than an 18 wheeler.) But he had already guessed it at first glance. No chance.

Eventually the contents of the truck were transferred to a smaller van that was able to manage the narrow curves. A few hours later I found myself standing among all of my belongings in the streets of the little hamlet of Anghiari – all 114 boxes.

Am I happy to be reunited with my things? Not so sure yet. I was enjoying the weightlessness of having less.

Big truck. Little car.

Diagram of a dilemma

Under the boxes

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One Response to Reunited

  1. kmingo says:

    Correction: Giacomo’s car is a Fiat 500, NOT a Mini.

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