More Kid Logic

While our 3 year old, Primo, is adjusting well to Italian life and handling the language transition with unfathomable ease, he is still somewhat perplexed about our current address. More specifically, he is confused about the location of Brooklyn (where we came from), relative to the location of Anghiari (where we are).

He tells our neighbors that he comes from Brooklyn which, he explains, “is in the sky.” While our elderly neighbors are not necessarily well traveled, they are not unschooled in geography either.

I was curious how he came to this conclusion, so the other day I asked him, “Where is Brooklyn?”

“In the sky”, he responded.

“Oh yeah?”, I probed.

“Yeah. We have to take an airplane to get there.”

Logical. You take a rocket to outer space, why not take an airplane to Planet Brooklyn?

Hearing this, I couldn’t help but think about a fantastic episode I once heard on This American Life titled Kid Logic. The program featured “stories of kids using perfectly logical arguments, and arriving at perfectly wrong conclusions.”

The other night the sky was clear and the moon was nearly full. “Look, Mama -there’s Brooklyn on the moon…see it?”

Planet Brooklyn

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One Response to More Kid Logic

  1. Liz Rubin says:

    DE-lightful story. I love that kid! xo

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