Civitella Ranieri

Earlier this week we visited Civitella Ranieri – an arts foundation situated a 15th century castle in the Umbrian countryside. The foundation provides a workplace for selected fellows and guests coming from different disciplines from all over the world.

Francine Prose and her husband Howie Michels stopped by Anghiari for a visit on their way to Civitella Ranieri where Francine is on the panel that will select the upcoming writing fellows. They kindly invited us along for a visit to the castle and to join in on a dinner with the director – Dana Prescott, other panel members, and some of the current fellows at the foundation.

Here are some pictures from our visit.

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3 Responses to Civitella Ranieri

  1. Karen says:

    Ummmm, can you ask your friend to just slip Sergio’s name in as a fellow? Partners can come along, right?? Miss you!

  2. Janet says:

    This is amazing Kim!

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