Street. Brought to you by Campari.

On a remote mountain road on the way to the sanctuary of La Verna, where St. Fancis is reported to have received the stigmata, we came across an interesting (if not somewhat more secular) relic.

The fountain was built by Campari in 1931 when the company also paid to have a proper road  through the town constructed. It  was sculpted by Giuseppe Gronchi and was the first of 12 similar fountains made throughout Italy, of which only a few survive.

From popular songs to roadside fountains, Campari seems to have paved the way for product placement and corporate sponsorship here in Italy.

Note: Corrections to this post are compliments of my good friend Sergio, who sent me a link with information on this fountain after reading the original post. If there is some interesting or obscure fact, you can be certain Sergio knows of it. I’m going to use him in the future to fact check. Thanks Sergio.

Campari (Aperativo Cordial)

Campari fountain. (Unfortunately does not provide Campari - just water)

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One Response to Street. Brought to you by Campari.

  1. Margaret says:

    I wonder what St Francis would have thought about corporate sponsorship…

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