Google visits Anghiari

Few have been more instrumental in making sure every street of the globe is digitally documented than the folks at google, which is why I was thrilled to see them show up to put Anghiari on the map.

Until recently, the most beautiful part of Anghiari – the historic center – has been left undocumented on google street view. This being due to the difficulties of squeezing the google van down streets barely wide enough to fit a mule, and the restrictions of navigating the limited traffic zone of the historic center. (Thanks be to God. If Italians had it their way, they’d drive their cars directly into their living rooms.)

Enter the “google-bike” –  street view’s solution for capturing the cobbled roads of Italy’s medieval towns. This guy has a great job – he is the singular person tasked with documenting the corners of Italy where the google van is unable to go. I can only begin to dream about the places he’s seen.

I don’t know how long it will take to get Anghiari street view up, but check periodically on google street view / anghiari.

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